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Insight from Our Interns 


Tori Bell

Through Village Visionaries, I have been given the opportunity to tutor students from various schools. At first I had my doubts about tutoring, thinking I wouldn't be able to make a substantial difference. However, after a few months of tutoring, I realized I was making a difference. Not only were the students getting better grades, but I could also tell they were gaining confidence. Being able to see their growing excitement to learn is very inspiring. 


Aubrey Santiago

While interning for Village Visionaries, one of the programs that I've helped with is creating PSA's, which provide families, other interns, and many more, bite sized information about various health questions/topics. I enjoy making PSA's because I'm able to strengthen my research and graphic design skills to produce infographics that are engaging and understandable for many to benefit and learn from. I feel that by developing PSA's it has broadened my knowledge in different health related areas that I've increasingly become more interested in.

1E62DBBA-4A39-4C6C-B3CE-A5F5CC4B3655 - Nikki Ooka.jpeg

Nikki Ooka

Our monthly airway dentistry meetings allow interns and volunteers to observe new and evolving information on topics such as obstructive sleep apnea, TMJ disease, and myofunctional therapy from various medical professionals. We learn and gain new knowledge from inter collaboration between medical professionals. It is fascinating to see so many doctors in one place learning from each other and sharing information on what they know. These airway dentistry meetings help us to bring up different questions that we can research to improve patient care. It also exposes us to topics that we can explain to parents so they can understand and help their children breathe, sleep and progress in a healthy way. 

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