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Red Light Therapy 

Student interns, part of Village Visionaries have started researching Red Light Therapy. We hope these PSAs are insightful and help you understand the benefits of RLT. Click the button below to download our PSAs!


The Science of Red Light Therapy

This PSA introduces the benefits of Red Light Therapy and what it is! Please scroll through the images to get a better look!


Red Light Therapy For Joint Pain

Red Light Therapy is beneficial in alleviating joint pain and more. Take a closer look by clicking through the images.

Skincare - RLT.png


Skincare Benefits of Red Light Therapy 

Red Light Therapy not only helps alleviate joint pain but it also rejuvenates your skin cells, helping with aging. Take a closer look at the facts around RLT!


Red Light Therapy for Anti-Aging

Look over these fun facts about Red Light Therapy and how it helps with Anti-Aging!

PSA #1 Final  (Mar 18, 2023 at 11_19 PM).png


RLT - Acne

This PSA sheds light on the different types of ance & how RLT can help treat it!

Check out our Blue Light Therapy page by clicking the button!

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