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Meet the 2024 Team!

The Passionate Faces of Village Visionaries

Addie Fisette - Website_edited.jpg

Addie Fisette

Aloha!  I graduated from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa with a degree in Psychology. Through Village Visionaries, I hope to learn more ways to help the children in my community and guide them to a bright future. 

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Andie Machida

Aloha, I am a senior at the University of Puget Sound and a Kamehameha Kapālama 2020 alumna. I'll be graduating this spring with a bachelor’s in biology and a minor in sociology & anthropology. I hope to pursue a career in medicine and perpetuate the well-being of our lāhui.


Cherish Hose

Aloha! My name is Cherish Hose, and I am a junior at UH Mānoa. I am currently aiming to get a BA in Public Health and am wanting to give back to my community.

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Daniel Baon

Hi! My name is Daniel and I am a senior at UH Manoa. I got accepted into the PsyD program for Clinical Psychology in Chaminade. I hope to help give back to my community and to slowly make the world a better place one individual at a time.

Jacqueline Yoshimura_selfie1.png

Jacqueline Yoshimura

Hi! I am in the doctorate program in clinical psychology at Chaminade University. I hope to promote the mental health of underserved minority populations through my passion for clinical and behavioral medicine research.

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Jordhan Spencer

Aloha! I'm a Junior at Pacific University majoring in Psychology with a minor in Gender Sexuality Studies. I graduated from Kamehameha Schools and enjoy dancing hula, weight training, and listening to music. I love working with children and hope to pursue a career as a child psychologist.


Kamaile Long

Aloha, I am a graduate student in the DNP program at the Medical University of South Carolina, specializing in psychiatry. I work as an Emergency Department RN at the Queen’s Medical Center. My passion is to help the Native Hawaiian community to grow from their grief & trauma experiences.


Ki'i Aweau

Aloha! I am currently pursuing a career in healthcare. My specific interests include research, medicine, and public health. I hope to develop skills that can help me give back to the people of Hawai’i. 

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Max Numainvlle

Hi! My name is Max Numainville and I am a Junior at the University of Hawaii studying to earn my BA in psychology. I’m eager to use the skills I’m learning now to positively influence others throughout my social and professional life.


Mio Kadomatsu

Hi! I am a student at Tufts University. I am committed to assisting the personal growth of keiki and adolescents. Whether it be by mentoring or tutoring, I hope to not only help others, but enhance my relationship with the local community.


Sirma Hoffman

I'm Sirma and I'm currently a Junior BS Psychology and Biology double major at UH Manoa. I was raised in Seattle, Washington. What got me interested in Psychology was actually picking up a Psych book and not being able to set it down. From there on, I found myself fascinated by the topic.


Tori Bell

Hi! I graduated from 'Iolani School and am attending the University of Hawaii.  I am pursuing a nursing degree.  I am an instructor at Pure Barre in Kahala and enjoy staying fit   


Aleta Monakhov

Aloha! I'm a registered nurse at Queen's Medical Center and a student at Chaminade University pursuing a career as a DNP Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. My goal is to provide effective treatment and support children and families struggling with mental health issues.

Screen Shot 2024-04-08 at 8.21.21 PM.png

Beyonce Corpuz

Aloha! I am from Hilo, Hawai’i. I am a junior at Grand Canyon University pursuing a degree in
Exercise Science with a minor in Sports Psychology to become a Physical Therapist. My goal is to help athletes with their sports' physical and mental challenges.


Cody Moxam

Aloha, I’m a pre-med student at UH Manoa, with a B.A. in Psychology & Music minor from CU Boulder. I am pursuing formal education to be of service in psychiatry and am currently working in mindfulness and recovery programming. My passion for healthcare encompasses all aspects of life.

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Dhyln Kenui-Nakayama

Hi! I am currently a junior at Oregon State University and I am majoring in kinesiology with a Pre-Physical Therapy option. I enjoy working with families and children and I am excited to learn new skills and gain experience that will help me give back to my community.


Jenny Pivonka

Hi, I'm Jenny. I graduated from the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner program at Wilkes University. I have worked as an emergency room nurse for many years and am excited to serve the physical and mental health needs of my community. 


Justin Atkins

Hi! I am from California. I am an Army Veteran who served as a combat medic. I work as an ER Nurse at Queen’s while being a professor at Chaminade University. I am finishing my DNP, specializing in the Psychiatric & Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program. I am married, have four dogs, & enjoy working out.

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Katie Lau

I am from Honolulu, HI. I graduated from UH Manoa, worked as an RBT and am now in the Marriage & Family Therapy program at Chaminade University. During my free time I enjoy exercising, cooking, eating, traveling, and reading.

Macey Mizuno

Macey Mizuno

Aloha! I am an UH Manoa undergraduate student, majoring in Psychology and Sociology. I am interested in pursuing a career in clinical child psychology. I love working with children and adolescents and hope to further my education in the field of child and family psychology. 

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Maxine Patterson

Hello! I am a senior at UH Manoa majoring in psychology and minoring in Spanish. I am interested in the mental health field and enjoy working with children. I also love meditating and being in nature. I am excited to be here.

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Nikki Umeda

Aloha! I am a junior at UH Mānoa, majoring in Psychology. I am one of the co-captains of the Rainbow Warrior Dance Team and have been dancing for 13 years at 24/7 Danceforce. I love working with children and I hope to pursue a career as a child psychologist.

Website updates (Feb 2, 2023 at 4_07 PM).png

Ryan Lum

Aloha! I am a Senior at Bard College majoring in Chemistry and am on the women’s volleyball team. I am a Punahou School graduate and plan to pursue a medical career. My goal is to bring the knowledge from New York back home.

Screen Shot 2024-04-08 at 9.12.21 PM.png

Trinity Prudencio

Aloha! My name is Trinity Prudencio, and I am an undergrad at Leeward Community College, soon going UH West to pursue psychology. I hope to be able to make a difference in the lives of our families and keiki, and am always striving to learn more each day.

Screen Shot 2023-10-26 at 8.53.06 PM.png

Alyssa Ito

Hi! I’m currently a sophomore at UH Mānoa and majoring in pre-psychology. I’m interested in pursuing a career in clinical psychology. My main goal is to build a healthier and happier community through collaboration, communication, and passion with the help of Village Visionaries.

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Brianna Yamamoto

Hi, I am a student at Oregon State University majoring in kinesiology with an interest in working with children in therapy settings. My passions revolve around making differences in the lives of others and supporting individuals in their journeys toward becoming the best versions of themselves.


Colbie Bell

Hi! I'm a sophomore at 'Iolani School. I have been dancing for 10+ years for Drill Team Hawaii and 'Iolani.  I started cheerleading this year.  I also enjoy going to the beach, singing and hanging out & laughing with friends & family. 

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Eleanna Rivera

Aloha! I am from the island of Maui and currently in my 3rd semester of nursing school at Joyce University in Utah. I hope to get my Master’s in Nursing and become a Nurse Practitioner. I am excited to give back to my native Hawaiian community and make a difference in another person’s life. 

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Jocelyn Cabatu

Welina pumehana mai kākou! I’m currently a junior at UH Hilo, Double majoring in psychology and biology with a Hawaiian Studies minor. My hope is to be a Child Psychiatrist, and I’m eager to get more experience. I enjoy playing volleyball, Hawaiian culture, & being around loved ones. 

kalea (3).jpg

Kalea Borja

Håfa Adai! I am from Saipan and graduating from UH Manoa majoring in psychology. I've been accepted into Chaminade University’s Doctorate of Clinical Psychology program and currently working as an RBT. My passion stems from the underserved communities in my island needing mental health care.


Kaui Mau

Hi! I completed a Marriage & Family Therapy Master's program at Chaminade University and am in the process of applying to medical school.  I graduated from Kamehameha Schools and I enjoy soccer and tutoring/mentoring young people.  


Max Nakatsuji

Max Nakatsuji

Hi! I am a current student at Tufts University majoring in Biomedical Engineering. I enjoy working with children and am interested in working in the biotech Industry.

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Mikael French

Hi! I received my degree in Psychology and minored in Sociology and Communicology.  from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. I enjoy being around children and young adults and currently plan on applying to the Graduate Entry Program in Nursing (GEPN).

Screen Shot 2024-04-09 at 10.38.10 AM.png

Puʻuwai Onzuka

Aloha! I am a senior at UH Manoa studying Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences in hopes of becoming a physical therapist. I hope to increase the representation of my Native Hawaiian community, provide culturally sensitive services, and positively impact the communities around me.


Taylor Lum

Hi! I am currently a doctorate psychology student at Chaminade University.  I will be graduating in 2025 and am interested in practicing psychology in Hawaii.

Cathy Bell.jpg

Cathy K. Bell, MD

Founder and Mentor

Welcome to Village Visionaries!  I am a pediatrician. a child & adolescent psychiatrist and co-founder of Kahala Clinic for Children & Family.  I enjoy inspiring young people to dream big, help others and make a difference in

our community.

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